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Cyberpunk hacking adventure

Test your skill and quick reflexes in his cyberpunk hacking arcade game.

Netrun27 is an high-paced arcade cyberpunk game set in the futuristic North City, ruled by megacorporations. You play as a Netrunner, an hacker for the Agency. During a routine mission you stumble upon something that the Corporation wanted to keep secret.

Play the STORY mode levels to uncover the mistery, or use the ZEN mode to practice your skills and collect Shards that allow to unlock many fun customizations and powerups.

Test your skill as you jump between nodes in the network, breach firewalls, and collect payloads, unlock new customizations, and see how far you can run in this dystopian cyberpunk game!


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Enrico Monese

All around developer, from games and web to weird commandline utilities. 2D/3D art, with a good care for UI/UX and clean design.

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