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Early access!

With early access, players can experience the game earlier and take part in the development process. As a solo dev I want to share my work with you so I can continue development with your support and feedback in mind.

The game can be currently considered a very stable beta, it is playable from start to end. However there may be occasional bugs or unfinished areas. The main gameplay mechanics are there but the lore needs to be expanded.

There are some updates that I’m thinking about adding during early-access, for example:

  • Some form of customization
  • Support for Steam Achievements
  • Data logs to find by exploring to expand the lore and add depth to the game
  • Other things like new areas and some new enemy types

The game should be in early access for some months. But depending on player feedback and feature requests it might take longer. The Early Access will start with version 0.3.0. This update will also land in the public beta, which will last for another week after the Early Access begins.

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