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Update 0.6.0 for SILO27:crashlanded

Changelog for 0.6.0

  • The portal now has to be activated by unlocking 4 symbols found around the game!
  • Added collectable Datalogs with lore!
  • Flying enemies and mines now do a lot more damage!
  • Warden fight is harder!
  • Player does more damange!
  • Added a new enemy that heals nearby enemies!
  • Added more environment traps!
  • Many environment changes, level design tweaks, improvements to 3d assets, textures and materials!
  • Ammopods no longer break when shot!
  • Reduced interaction duration with ammopods!
  • Increased ammo pickup distance!
  • Added persistent ammo generators in some places which allow to get more ammo when all the ammo pods have been picked up!
  • Added a bit of aim assist, useful for controllers!
  • Removed automatic checkpoints!
  • Added “Beacons” found around the game, activate them to set respawn point!
  • Added ambiance sounds to some areas!
  • Less intensity for visual effects when on low health!
  • Reduced intensity of camera shake!
  • Tutorials show all possible buttons if some action can be performed with more than one!
  • Fixes related to input when switching between keyboard and controllers!
  • Added controller rumble!
  • Fix not being able to unlock the flashlight!
  • Possible fix screen resolution settings not working properly!
  • Fixed an invisible hitbox!
  • Fixes to UIs going over each others!
  • Limited how much the shadow quality setting can be lowered as it introduced glitches if set too low!
  • Added back button in pause menu go to main menu, it shouldn’t create problems anymore!
  • Many smaller bug fixes and optimizations!
  • Update engine to Unity to 2021.3.0f1!

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