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Update 0.5.0 for SILO27:crashlanded

Changelog for 0.5.0

  • Make sure to keep buttons selected in menus to allow gamepad navigation of UI.!
  • Changes to settings menu to improve usability with gamepads.!
  • Tutorials dynamically show correct buttons when using a gamepad.!
  • Sorted some settings options from low to high quality to be in line with other settings.!
  • Confirmation dialog for settings changes.!
  • Dash is now bound to the right shoulder button on gamepads (R1, RB).!
  • Shorter interaction durations for activators and ammo pods.!
  • Added some jumppads in the boss area.!
  • Fixed projectiles hitting ground too often, direction is now calculated properly.!
  • Fix damage from an invisible source.!
  • Fix flying enemies traversing and shooting through barriers.!
  • Flying enemies no longer go inside eachother.!
  • Many changes to different areas around the game. A couple areas are very different now. And fix many collision issues and holes in the world.!
  • Switched audio engine to FMOD. This also means Sorround 5.1 support and some nicer audio effects like better reverb, muffled sounds in pause menu and when on low health, or cooler sounds for far away explosions.!
  • Better sounds for mines: less annoying beep and sound when about to explode.!
  • Fixed missing meshes in end cutscene.!
  • Fix combat music kept playing after game ended.!
  • Added new music during boss fight.!
  • Tweaked low-health postprocessing effects.!
  • Removed particle-system prewarming which results in faster load times.!
  • Small performance improvements and other fixes.!

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