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Update 0.2.0 for SILO27:crashlanded

Changelog for 0.2.0

  • Updated movement system and the camera can now spin around the rover, also less looking into walls and random jarring camera movements when in thight spaces or near walls. Also improved collisions a bit. And less likely to get stuck with the rover flipped over.
  • Added intro when starting new game.
  • Updates and fixes to UIs and menus, including:
    • Updated “New objective” ui, this also means that it will no longer overlap with the health bar when both are showing.
    • Settings menu fixes.
    • Added setting for ui sounds volume
    • Added a label for locked interactables.
  • Environment changes, fixes to collisions, correction of grahical glitches. Tweaked some puzzles.
  • Added activation VFX to interactable objects.
  • Audio improvements and bettery quality mixing
  • Added sound effects to mines.
  • Explain how to dash longer in tutorial.
  • Sentries no longer reassemble after some time, they remain broken.
  • Better texture streaming.
  • Added particle effects and sounds for opening doors
  • Graphics changes, including:
    • Added lights to the rover’s thrusters.
    • Improvements to volumetric fog.
  • Checkpoint fixes.
  • Fix some glitched particle effects.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed crash when quitting the game.
  • Updated Unity engine to 2021.2.7f1.

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