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Nice Dice Roller Is Here!

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Nice Dice Roller (the new and improved version of Nice Roll) just got released! It is based on the old version and keeps all it’s features. But with improved UI and performance, no ADs or In-app-purchases, better tablet support, the ability to roll dice with custom amount of faces and save complex rolls with many dice to quickly roll them again later.


  • Roll dice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 or 100 sides, and dice with custom amount of faces
  • Easily apply modifiers to your dice rolls
  • Save dice sets to quickly roll them again in the future
  • Displays total, highest and lowest result
  • Detailed past rolls history
  • Discard unwanted rolls, useful for rolls with advantage/disadvantage in DND & role playing games
  • Variety of themes with different colors and background images
  • No ads or in app purchases

Where to get it

It available now on itch, the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

What about the old version

The old version has been renamed to “Nice Roll Legacy” and will remain available for free on the Google Play Store at least for some time. However it will still have ads unless you had already bought the Pro version. New users interested in removing ads and getting additional features will now be directed to the new app instead.

“I already bought the Pro version”

If you had already bought the Pro version you may get the new one for free!
Write to, or reach out to me, with proof of purchase like the Google Play receipt. If I can verify the purchase, you will receive a promo code for the new app free of charge!

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